Moreblessing Gwauya

Moreblessing Gwauya, is one of many young people who have shown commitment to bringing change to the community. His courageous spirit and action helped prevent evictions by linking affected renters with human rights lawyers who helped stop many evictions.

Women welders work with iron and fire

Iron and fire are normally left for men to work at to produce hoes, shovels, axes, window frames, door frames, and wheelbarrows; traditionally this trade is out-of-bounds for women.

After all, they say, women do not have the muscle: tender and soft they are made only to love and care.

Blacksmithing in Action!!

Women's Empowerment in the Zimbabwean Livelihoods Project

Patricia Zeka demonstrates the use of a 4 pound sledge hammer whilst, trainer, Edwin Mpandawana assists. She is one of the four women who constitute the 'Pisa Pisa' welding and blacksmithing group which is part of the livelihoods programme in Hatcliffe Extension, Zimbabwe.

Pisa Pisa

Patricia Zeka demonstrates the use of a 4 pound sledge hammer with her trainer

“Pisa Pisa” The Passionate and Phenomenal Women of Hatcliffe Extension

ABQJournal NM Food:Build healthy meal around season's abundant fresh greens

  Finally, fresh greens have a long growing season in New Mexico. Accessible from early spring through the winter — particularly when savvy growers use season extenders like row cover or hoop houses — they also grow quickly. Many within 30 days.

Hatcliffe Residents Association (HRA): Breaking New Grounds

We have lived in Hatcliffe community since it was established in the late 1980’s. From the very day we got here life has been hard, compounded by many challenges imposed by various macro economic and social factors. In the midst of our struggles we continue to work hard to build our homes and own businesses to ensure that we have a future with our children. In 2000, in the wake of hosting the Common Wealth Head of Government meeting in Harare, government resettled us in an operation called “Murambatsvina” to Churu Farm. Not long after our first displacement the second followed.

Rebuilding livelihoods

Residents of Hatcliffe Extension in Harare display their handmade goods.

Residents of Hatcliffe Extension in Harare display their handmade goods.

Mozambique - Let the People Speak!

Since 2001, AFSC's Mozambique Integrated Rural Development Program(MIRD) has worked in partnership with three communities located in Manica Province. In Denglelenga, Dororo and Chitunga, AFSC has developed projects that include reforestation, fish ponds, community gardens and school construction. Throughout this time, the MIRD program has been committed to following three basic steps:

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