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Legacies of the Iraq War - Tom Magstadt

Dr. Tom Magstadt earned his PhD in International relations from John Hopkins University. He has taught at UJMKC, University of Nebraska, the Air War College and worked as a CIA analyst. Dr. Magstadt discussed the political impacts of the Iraq war and Iran policy.

Legacies of the Iraq War - John Henry Part 1

Part #1: Dr. John Henry is a UMKC professor of economics focusing on the history of economic thought. He is the author of two books and numerous articles. He had taught at California State University-Sacramento, and at Cambridge and Staffordshire, England. John shared the view of the inadequacy of economics to quantify the costs of war. 

Legacies of the Iraq War - Lucky Garcia Part 2

Part #2: Lucky Garcia served in the Army for 8 years attaining the rank of Sergeant. She was deployed to Iraq from 2004 to 2006 where she worked with Iraqis gathering intelligence and in the process gaining insight into Iraqis' lives. She shares her perspectives on the legacies of the Iraq war for both U.S. troops and for Iraqi citizens.

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