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Angela’s Story of Immigration

By Sara Crippen

Angela is from Usulután, the large capital of the province Usulután in El Salvador. She and her son fled the capital in 2000 because violence instigated by an international gang named Mara Salvatrucha was escalating within the city. The gang is involved in anything from human trafficking to merciless revenge killings to murderous robbery, and has been disintegrating the city’s standard of safety for a number of years.

Jeany and Ray's Story of Immigration

By Mara Davidson, AFSC Iowa Intern, April 5, 2011

Ten years ago on April 28, Jeany and Ray were married in Des Moines, Iowa. Just a few days after the ceremony, Ray stood in line at three in the morning in Omaha, Nebraska to receive his residency. “That was it!” says Jeany, referring to how easy it was to get residency for her husband back then. “You stood in line, filled out the paperwork, and you were done. It’s not like that nowadays.” 

An African Immigrant’s Story

By Mara Davidson, AFSC Iowa Intern, April 5, 2011

Today a father and daughter came into AFSC Iowa. For the purposes of this interview, they wished to remain anonymous. Both came from Africa to America as refugees over five years ago.

Rosa's Story of Immigration

By Mara Davidson, AFSC Iowa Intern, March 2011

           Rosa's situation is different from that of other people here today at AFSC Iowa. She is here for her husband. As a native of Dallas, Rosa is surrounded by family in the United States. Her husband is not. He came from Mexico 14 years ago.

Raul's Story of Immigration

By Mara Davidson, AFSC Iowa intern, March 2011

Raul’s story began in Adrian, Michigan picking tomatoes. Raul came to the United States in 1985, seeking what he thinks everyone else was hoping to find: opportunity. He came with the hope of finding a better life, not only for himself but also for his family.

A Plea to Listen to Arab Voices

Pollster James Zogby spoke at Drake University in Des Moines recently at an event sponsored by AFSC and several other organizations. Zogby encouraged Americans to listen to what people in the Arab world are saying.

Des Moines videographer Rodger Routh created this 15-minute video featuring snippets from Zogby's talk:

Palm Sunday Procession for Peace

Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 2:30pm

Service:  3:45 p.m. at St. John’s Lutheran Church

Gather at 2:30 at the west side of the Capitol, and proceed to the St. John’s Lutheran Church, 6th and Park Street

The Service will feature the Rev. Denny Coon, Director of Bidwell Riverside Center, as the Keynote Speaker

Please consider putting this dramatic teaching, proclamation and action event on your church  or organization calendar and your personal calendar as a major part of observing Holy Week. 

Iowans Build Peace Through the Arts

By Jon Krieg, AFSC Des Moines

From colorful octogenarians to a high school hair band, from poetry to painting to meditation, Central Iowans expressed their creative stylings for peace at recent event organized by AFSC. The Des Moines Social Club was the setting for "Journey Together: Building Peace Through the Arts."

Videos from the event are available at AFSC Iowa's YouTube channel.

The singer for The Body Electric

The singer for The Body Electric, a high school band composed of members of Stud

The singer for The Body Electric, a high school band composed of members of Students Beyond War. View the slideshow.

Iowans Mark Eighth Anniversary of Iraq War

Over 100 hundred Iowans gathered at a rally on March 19, 2011 to mark the eight anniversary of the U.S. war in Iraq and to call for an end to all U.S. wars. The gathering was organized by Iowa Veterans for Peace, Chapter 161, and was co-sponsored by a number of organizations, including AFSC.

Videographer Rodger Routh compiled this report.

Below is a statement shared by Kathleen McQuillen, AFSC Iowa Program Coordinator:

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