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Immigration Community News Updates

Download our weekly PDF updates from the Campaign for Humane Immigration Policy team.

Reflections from NC delegation to AFSC Human Rights Summit in Washington, DC

Jodie and Alex at Human Rights Summit

Guilford College (NC) students Jodie Geddes and Alex Garrison attend the AFSC Human Rights Summit in DC in July

Jodie Geddes and Alex Garrison, both Guilford College students in Greensboro, NC, joined 15 other young people in Washington DC to attend AFSC’s first Human Rights Summit June 24-28, 2013. 

An Evening with David Bacon, September 14, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 5:30pm - 9:00pm

David Bacon 2013

David Bacon is a California-based photojournalist and labor activist

"As a documentary photographer and journalist, I don't claim to be an unbiased observer. I'm on the side of immigrant workers and unions in the United States and share their struggle for rights and a decent life. I take the side of people in Mexico trying to find alternatives for democratic political change. If the work I do helps to strengthen these movements, it will have served a good purpose."

David Bacon

Annual Fundraising Dinner to Benefit the New Hampshire Program

David Bacon, author of the new book, The Right to Stay Home: How US Policy Drives Mexican Migration, will be the guest speaker at the NH Program's annual fundraising event.  As usual, the event will feature a dinner prepared by AFSC volunteers or donated by local restaurants.   The event will kick off David's East Coast tour launching his new book, published by Beacon Press.   

Statement on the Legal Workforce Act and SKILLS Visa Act

 Philadelphia (June 27, 2013) - The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) is a Quaker organization with nearly 100 years of experience working to support the needs and aspirations of communities across the globe, including immigrant communities in the U.S.  We are deeply concerned that the Legal Workforce Act (HR 1772) and the SKILLS Visa Act (HR 2131) will only continue to perpetuate the heartbreaking impacts of the broken, punitive, and unjust U.S. immigration system we see daily in our work. 

AFSC CHIP - Español - Immigration Community News Update June 28

Download the PDF of this week update from the Campaign for Humane Immigration Policy team.

AFSC CHIP - Español - Immigration Community News Update June 21

Download the PDF of this week update from the Campaign for Humane Immigration Policy team.

AFSC CHIP Immigration Community News Update June 21

Download the PDF of this week update from the Campaign for Humane Immigration Policy team.

"Sycophants and Cheerleaders: When Compromise Becomes Complicity"

By Gabriel Camacho

At the writing of this commentary, the Senate is on the verge of approving a final
“deal.” AFSC staff have been attentive to news reports and chatter from inside the
DC Beltway. What is clear is that the final Senate product will be much worse than
anticipated, especially for southern border communities, and immigrant workers. No
amount of positive amendments can improve the bill at this point. However the bill’s
provisions are not the focus of this week’s commentary.

Deported without warning: How the loss of a father in Newark is affecting a community (PODCAST)

In the middle of May 2013, Kofi (whose name was changed for this story) was detained and deported to his home country in Africa. The family he left behind—including a girlfriend and two childrenare struggling with his absence, unsure of their future or his fate. Listen to the story of this family, and hear how the AFSC community in Newark is speaking out against his deportation and others that tear apart families.


Newark, African immigrants with signs

Newark immigration demonstration

Two participants in AFSC's Newark May 1st rally for humane immigration reform.

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