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Immigration policy with a human face

Amy Gottlieb, director of AFSC's Newark program, exposed the complex network of those who profit from detaining immigrants in an op-ed at Al Jazeera America.

The article raises provocative questions about just why our government continues to drag its feet on implementing humane immigration reform.

News Source: 
Al-Jazeera America

"We're not at war with Mexico": Drones in immigration enforcement

AFSC's Mary Zerkel makes the case that using drones in immigration enforcement is a waste of taxpayer money--and questions why the U.S. is using this military technology to patrol the border with Mexico.

A spiritual crisis without borders: Immigrant stories after deportation

Note: I first met Jill Anderson a couple years ago at Intermountain Yearly Meeting and got to know her better at the World Conference of Friends in Kenya.


U.S/Mexico border

U.S/Mexico border

U.S/Mexico border 

AFSC IRP letter to the editor in NY Times wants reform that recognizes the causes behind human migration

Families Separated by Deportation and Migration

 To the Editor:

Re “The Heartache of an Immigrant Family” (Op-Ed, Oct. 15):

Waging Peace

The leaves are turning and the feel of Fall is in the chilly morning air. And if you are like me, your calendar is bursting with activities.  I want to call your attention to the two immigration related events, one for Massachusetts and one for Rhode Island.  October 3rd the Massachusetts legislature will hold a hearing on the TRUST Act at 10am the Hearing Room A-2.  The TRUST Act would direct MA law enforcement not to funnel people into the unjust deportation system (were well over half of those held for deportation have committed NO crimes).

Welcome Dayton to be championed at White House event

Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 1:00pm

Migwe Kimemia, AFSC Economic Justice Program Director in Dayton, Ohio says that Tom Walhrab will be one of ten individuals honored by the White House on September 19. "Tom  was the former Executive Director of the Dayton Human Relations Council  that spearheaded the Welcome Dayton Initiative," Migwe says.

The press release from the White House follows:

White House Recognizes Welcoming America Champions of Change

Fast for Immigrant Justice Interfaith Reflection Journal

Fasting for justice can be a powerful and emotional experience. It is the hope that each individual who participates in a fast for justice will be transformed and challenged through that fasting, as well as through reflection and prayer.

It is also the hope that some fasts for justice will have an external impact as well, possibly influencing those in power to stand up against injustice and to support policies that affirm the human and civil rights of immigrants and all people.

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