Immigration Reform

Rally for Common Sense Immigration Reform (Concord, NH)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Rally in Concord, N.H. to support humane immigration policies, including a reasonable roadmap to citizenship, fair treatment for all workers, and an end to deportations, with speakers from the faith, labor, and immigrant communities.



NH Program Calls Immigration Bill "a Modest Start"

New Immigration Bill Includes Support for Families and Workers, Yet Would Continue Key Failures of Current System

Path to Citizenship Must Reflect More Humane Principles

New immigration bill includes support for families and workers, yet would continue key failures of current system

Quaker group: Fair path to citizenship must reflect more humane principles

Nueva propuesta de ley migratoria incluye apoyo a familias y trabajadores, pero continuaría fallas importantes del sistema actual

Organización cuáquera afirma que un camino justo hacia la ciudadanía debe mantener una postura de principios más humanos 

Nueva propuesta de ley migratoria continuaría fallas importantes del actual sistema

Organización cuáquera afirma que un camino justo hacia la ciudadanía debe mantener una postura de principios más humanos

New immigration bill would continue key failures of the current system

Quaker group: Fair path to citizenship must stand on more humane principles

PHILADELPHIA (April 16, 2013) - The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) finds the summary of the immigration bill released by eight U.S. Senators today a far cry from the just and humane reforms that immigrant communities, faith, labor and advocacy groups have been calling for. Instead it reproduces, and even doubles down on, many of the current failed policies.  

From fear to faith: A DREAMer’s story

By Hector Salamanca

Hector is a college student, activist, and volunteer with the Iowa office of the American Friends Service Committee.

Obama, Senate panel’s immigration reform outlines helpful

AFSC finds it helpful that both President Obama and eight U.S. senators have agreed the time is now for creating a path to citizenship. But it should not be paired with more unnecessary, ineffective border control measures, or expansion of employment verification programs such as E-Verify and I-9 audits which put labor protections of all workers at risk.

On International Migrants Day, Migrant Families Spoke Out & Community Members Rallied for Humane Immigration Policy

On December 18 International Migrants Day, over 40 advocates, immigrant families and community members spoke and rallied at the federal office building in Newark NJ to demand the Obama Administration shift away from deportation policies that separate families. During the first Obama administration, a record 1.4 million immigrants have been deported.

Do It Yourself Immigration Reform

The link below will take you to an NPR interview regarding “do-it-yourself immigration reform” proposal. Quite interesting! It lasts 13 min 9 sec. It also appeared on June 2 op-ed of the New York Times.


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