Immigrant Rights

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Colorado protesters fast at ICE prison

More than 50 people from Denver and Aurora abstained from eating beginning July 25, for periods of time ranging from 24 hours to seven days, to protest inhumane immigration laws.

Tulare County CA leaders, groups react to Arizona's immigration law

Immigration reform would be a welcome outcome of the debate over the Arizona law, said Martin Cuevas of Proyecto Campesino, an immigration-advocacy group that has worked in the area for more than 50 years.

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Sandra Sanchez on the Arizona Ruling

Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez is director of AFSC's Immigrants Voice Program in Des Moines, Iowa. (file photo)

Director of AFSC Iowa's Immigrants Voice Program, Sandra Sanchez shares her reactions to the federal judge's suspension of portions of Arizona's anti-immigrant law.

Colorado esta con Arizona

AVISO DE PRENSA -- Jueves, 29 de julio de 2010

CONTACTO: Jennifer Piper, 720-301-1858,

Colorado esta con Arizona, Realizara 24-hour Vigilia de Solidaridad y Ayuno el Lunes, Protesta Leyes Inhumanas

Parte de “el Verando de Isaías 58,” una vigilia y ayuno nacional

de ocho semanas por Arizona

Colorado Stands with Arizona

MEDIA ADVISORY -- Thursday, July 29 2010

CONTACT: Jennifer Piper,

Colorado Stands with Arizona, Holds 24-hour Solidarity Vigil & Fast Monday

Protests Inhumane Immigration Laws

Joins the Isaiah 58 Summer” Eight-Week Nationwide Vigil and Fast for Arizona

Dozens protest AZ immigration law in Boston

NECN reports that the impact of Arizona's anti-immigration law is being felt in New England, as dozens protest in Boston.

Ch. 22: AZ immigration law has Americans divided

Arizona's controversial immigration law is partially in effect, but key elements of it have been put on hold by a judge. Those against the law, including AFSC's Jeff Napolitano, warn of its consequences.

San Diego AFSC staff Goes to AZ to Monitor New Law

San Diego community members are calling for action to stop Arizona's new immigration law. Opponents are calling the law racist and even though a federal judge blocked some of the most controversial sections of it, they said the fight is not over.

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AFSC aplaude el bloqueo judicial contra la ley Arizona


AFSC realiza marchas, vigilias y forums de costa a costa para apoyar a los inmigrantes

AFSC applauds injuntion against Arizona law

AFSC Holds Marches, Vigils, Forums from Coast to Coast to Support Immigrants

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