Human Needs

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Kansas City AFSC Year-End Newsletter

Kansas City American Friends Service Committee's 2013 Year-End Newsletter featuring our work to Move the Money and change federal budget priorities; Yourh Civic Engagement with the If I Had A Trillion Dollars Youth Film Festival and the If I Could Change the World Spoken Word Project; Visions of Peace at the Crossroads Festival; Turning Combat Boots into Ploughshares; and more.

KC Move The Money -Organization Endorsement Form

Because of the misdirected budget debate in Washington essential social programs from social security to food stamps are on the chopping block in Washington. You know cutting programs for those most in need, for those who have lost their jobs or homes due to the economic recession or cutting benefits for the elderly on fixed income is not the answer to our economic problems. 

KC Move the Money Campaign

The federal budget crisis is not a deficit crisis, but a crisis of priorities.

Choosing to continue enormous tax breaks for the millionaires and spending 60 percent of public discretionary dollars on the Pentagon makes no sense, as millions struggle to find work and to feed and house their families.

Informational Handout: Fund Our Communities - Not More Nuclear Weapons!

Did you know that the United States currently has over 5,000 nuclear weapons deployed and held in reserve?  Or that if we cut $100 billion of nuclear spending - as Congressman Edward Markey has suggested - we could employ 1,270,900 elementary school teachers for a year?
Download this informational handout to learn more about nuclear weapons spending, and what weapons programs we can cut to improve our security and to ensure that everyone's human needs are met in the United States. 

Article by Dr. Joseph Gerson in Truthout: 'Kick the Habit: Fund Our Communities, Not War'

Dr. Joseph Gerson*, July 16, 2012

Full article available for download below or at Truthout

Question to Rev. Ulises Torres (former tortured Chilean political prisoner): "When do you know if you have a military government?"

Answer: "Look at your national budget."

Ira Harritt Discusses Military Budget vs Human Needs

On May 5, 2011, Ira Harritt, Program Coordinator for AFSC in Kansas City, discussed the need for new budget priorities on the Heartland Labor Forum, part of KKFI community radio in Kansas City. Ira's segment is about halfway through this link:


March 2011 Street Spirit

March 2011 issue of Street Spirit

Information to support cutting the military budget, and not human needs.

Budget deficits were a big topic of discussion during the 2010 fall elections, with polls showing that a majority of Americans think reducing the deficit is more important than stimulus spending even though economists like Ben Bernake,

Des Moines Tax Day Vigil

Thursday, April 15, 2010 - 3:15pm

Come to our Tax Day vigil ....

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