Healing Justice

Quaker Action Summer 2013

People around the world are changing criminal justice systems and transforming themselves as part of the movement for restorative justice.

The empty chair: Bringing love into the room

Empty Chair

Empty Chair

Empty Chair

Note: In May of 2013, three AFSC staff including Aarati Kasturirangan, Program Officer for Integration and Impact, went to the Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) workshop held at Stony Run Friends Meeting in Baltimore. Aarati attended the workshop to understand firsthand the HROC work she had heard of from AFSC program staff in Burundi. She went to find out if she thought HROC could be useful for other AFSC programs around the world.  - Lucy

Creating one small plot of heaven: 49 ingredients for building trust in community

HROC Participants in Peace Village, Burundi

HROC Participants in Peace Village, Burundi

HROC Participants in Peace Village, Burundi

Note: Madeline Schaefer, Aarati Kasturirangan, and I attended a Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC) workshop in Baltimore in May. This is the second of three posts about aspects of the workshop.

What is needed to build trust in community? After the HROC participants discussed healing from trauma and trust and mistrust, we set about to answer this question in small groups, and then reported back to each other.

As a whole group, we built a list of 49 qualities and practices needed to build trust in community.

Twin Cities advocates share about healing justice work

Four advocates of healing justice share their experiences and explain why restorative rather than punitive practices work better for all involved. Kris Miner, Henry Wesley, John Stuart and Denise Breton all participated in a restorative justice convening organized by AFSC in Minneapolis on April 23, 2013.

Creating community and learning about forgiveness

By Sharon Goens
AFSC Twin Cities Healing Justice Program Director 

What does it mean to forgive? How do you define community? What is justice? Would it change if you’ve been harmed? What if your family was murdered right in front of your eyes?

Stone in the belly: Transforming trauma in community

Water/stress filling glass

Water/stress filling glass

Water/stress filling glass

Note: This is the first of a series of blog posts on a Healing and Rebuilding our Communities workshop that three AFSC staff took at Stony Run Friends Meeting in early May 2013. - Lucy

"Unless pain is transformed, it will be transferred."            - Richard Rohr, quoted by Amy Rakusin

Beyond Prisons study guide

Study guide and discussion questions for the AFSC publication Beyond Prisons.

Expungement of Criminal Record

There are a cluster of bills that would allow the expungement of one's criminal record under certain circumstances.  These bills are put forward by the Office of the Public Defender.  All the documents were created by them. 

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