Thanks for making our MLK Volunteer Day for Haiti a huge success!

On January 18th, AFSC's Greensboro office held a volunteer day to make disaster relief kits for Haiti.  Thanks to the enormous turnout we had, it was a huge success!  We were covered by many news outlets, some of which are linked below.

We made nearly twice as many kits as we expected for Haiti -- final count is 97 -- and also produced over 70 kits for local use.  We think this is a great way to demonstrate the way that issues of poverty and economic justice cross borders, and affect us here in the Triad.


With funding from AFSC, 4,600 square meters of plastic sheeting for tents will make its way to Haiti.  The sheeting will provide emergency shelter for at least 1,300 homeless families.

Special briefing conference call on disaster relief

Listen to the special phone briefing and conversation on AFSC's investment with communities after disaster. Recorded after the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, it also discusses the years of work by AFSC in Indonesia in response of the Tsunami.

Download the mp3.

An Evening of Education and Hope - Support and Celebrate Matenwa Community Learning Center

Saturday, May 8, 2010 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Special Guest, Tracy Kidder

Mark your calendar for this special event. We look forward to seeing you.
Please see http://www.matenwaclc.org/ to learn about the School, and for updates on the effects of the earthquake on the community.


Contact: Jen Wickham at jenwickham17@yahoo.com for additional information.

Community Social Advocacy

Community Social Advocacy

Community Social Advocates rally against negative immigration reform.

June 2006, Community Social Advocates rally against negative immigration reform.

The Community Social Advocacy Program specifically targets Haitian and Latino communities but provides services to all who participate. The Program aims to broaden the base of immigrants' knowledge about their rights, collaborate with community leaders and organizations to promote the immigrant community's needs and rights, provide a public voice with regard to immigration reform, as well as provide necessary legal information and services.

The Community Social Advocates provide a variety of presentations and training for the community on topics including:

The assessment team returns from Haiti

We're glad to report that AFSC’s assessment team has returned safely from Haiti where they spent time in Port-au-Prince viewing firsthand the immense devastation of the capital city.  They report that the formal structures that keep a country running were very hard hit, especially because many government ministers and mid-level civil servants died in the quake.  Many institutions that were the pillars of the community such as churches, medical facilities, and schools were badly damaged or were destroyed.  

Continued Assesment

Geri Sicola, AFSC Associate General Secretary  and Jorge Laffitte, director of the Latin America/Caribbean region have been in Haiti for several days and are continuing their assessment to find potential longer-term projects for AFSC.

AFSC in Haiti

“I did not see signs of panic in the city.”

Jorge Laffitte, AFSC director of the Latin America/Caribbean region, traveled to Haiti yesterday and sent a few observations via Skype.  He is doing well, has begun his assessment to find potential longer-term projects for AFSC, and has visited with the AFSC-funded food distribution program.

“The situation in Port-au-Prince is calm, but transit in Port-au-Prince is chaotic.  It may take more than an hour to move between short distances.

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