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1921 German Children's Artwork

Artwork from children who benefited from the Quaker feeding program (Quakerspeisung) 1921.

1921 German Children's Artwork - Augsburg Book

Pages from one of the 17 volumes of letters and drawings done by the children of Augsburg, Germany and presented to AFSC as a thankyou for the Quaker feeding program or Quakerspeisung.   Date: 1921

Our Day in the German Gestapo

Written by Rufus M. Jones in 1947, Our Day in the German Gestapo is a trifold pamphlet that reflects on Jones' 1938 trip to Germany with other Friends from AFSC to try to bring relief in response to the Night of Broken Glass.

Looking back, he wrote: "Our minds were so occupied with the desire to get help and relief to those who were suffering that we gave almost no thought to the dangers which confronted us on this visit."

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