Federal Budget

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Kansas City Move the Money Campaign

KCMO Council Passes Move the Money

KCMO City Council Unanimously Passes Move the Money Resolution at April 11 session.

The Federal Budget Crisis Is Not A Deficit Crisis.

It's A Crisis Of Priorities.

Choosing to continue enormous tax breaks for the millionaires and spending 60 percent of public discretionary dollars on the Pentagon makes no sense, as millions struggle to find work and to feed and house their families.

Iowans say: Invest in People, Not the Pentagon

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 2:00pm

Federal Budget Banner

40 foot banner showing that over 50% of the federal discretionary budget goes to military spending

The big "sequestration" goes into effect on Friday with tremendously negative impacts on our communities and schools.

Please join AFSC, Catholic Peace Ministry and others as we unfurl a 20-foot banner depicting the US military budget vs all other components of discretionary spending (healthcare, education, environment, etc.). Our message is simple: Invest in People, Not the Pentagon.

We will gather in front of the-- soon to be closed-- Gateway School (1800 Grand) at 2:00 this Thursday, Feb. 28.  

Rolling out the federal budget

Chicago demonstrators hold a banner showing the breakdown of the federal budget

As this banner showing the federal budget rolls out, we see how much is spent on transportation, NASA, education, and healthcare compared to the more than 50 percent of the budget that goes to the military.

Go to afsc.org/pentagoncuts for ways to take action to cut Pentagon spending and invest in human needs programs. 

Urge our leaders to invest in people, not the Pentagon

In the next two months, we have an unprecedented opportunity to reduce excessive military spending—and we must not waste this moment.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial, Witnesses on Corporate Abuses

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Forum- Testimony by Mary Lindsay, KC Move to Amend coordinator, addressed corporate abuses of power and budget and tax policy.

The event, organized by AFSC and co-sponsored by  Jobs Now, UMKC Economics Club and National Lawyers Guild, Occupy KC, Move to Amend, and PeaceWorks KC, took place on Saturday, Dec. 1, at the University of Missouri, KCMO.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Verdict, Dave Pack

Board member, renders his verdict of the fiscal cliff and its perpetrators, commenting, "In study after study, it has been shown that a billion dollars of U.S. spending on the military produces much fewer jobs than a billion dollars in spending almost anywhere else." He analyzed excessive military spending and cuts and conversions which can be made without decreasing national security while increasing employment.

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Verdict, Dave Kingsley

Fiscal Cliff on Trial Forum- David Kingsley, PhD., KU Medical School and Convener of KS & MO Gray Panthers, renders his verdict of the fiscal cliff and its perpetrators, commenting, "We don't have a fiscal crisis. We have a moral crisis." He discussed the consequences of proposed cuts to Medicare, social security, and the social safety net and the impact on our community.

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