Family Unity

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Press Release: Launch of State-wide Campaign Calling for End of Parental Deportations: A Call to Action for Obama to Listen to What Communities are Asking for Not More of the Same Failed Border Enforcement

Denver, CO – Faith leaders, community members, and immigrant allies from Colorado held a press conference today to announce the official kick-off of the "Keep Families Together: A People's Resolution" campaign. The campaign calls upon President Obama and Congress to immediately cease all deportations of parents of minor children and is educating the people of Colorado on this human rights issue. 

AFSC IRP letter to the editor in NY Times wants reform that recognizes the causes behind human migration

Families Separated by Deportation and Migration

 To the Editor:

Re “The Heartache of an Immigrant Family” (Op-Ed, Oct. 15):

NPR: Border Agent Accused of Hiding Illegal immigrants

A U.S. Border Patrol agent in San Diego has been arrested for hiding his undocumented father and other people in the U.S. illegally. Authorities took Marcos Gerardo Manzano Jr. into custody earlier this week. They've charged him with harboring illegal immigrants at his home and lying to federal investigators, who had asked him about his whereabouts. AFSC's Christian Ramirez weighs in.

which half deport

Child with a sign that says "which half of me will you deport?"

Young boy with one parent an immigrant and one a citizen.  He asks "which half of me will you deport?"

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