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Costs of War

Costs of War

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

On April 15, AFSC hosted an open briefing with Jo Comerford, Executive Director of the National Priorities Project (NPP) talked about where your tax dollars are going. NPP had recently released its yearly report on tax spending, noting that for each 2009 income tax dollar 26.5 cents went to military-related spending, 13.6 cents for military and non-military interest on the debt but only 2 cents for education.

Withdrawing U.S. Troops

AFSC has opposed every war since its inception in 1917, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are no exception.  AFSC has been a steadfast voice for an end to the reliance on military solutions, withdrawal of US military forces and support for civilian-led reconciliation and reconstruction to resolve the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Our advocacy and education work stretches across the country utilizing a network of staff and volunteers to bring the message of the human and economic costs of the war to the general public and to our elected officials.  We focus on alternatives and explore the root causes of violence.

There are many ways to participate in our work on Iraq and Afghanistan, such as volunteering to host the Windows and Mirrors exhibit, participating in an open conference call briefing with an expert, sharing one of our videos on YouTube, or signing up to receive our email action alerts.

Cost of War

Bring Cost of War to your community

AFSC created a Cost of War exhibit that includes 10 large (7'x3') color flags that dramatically illustrate the trade-offs we are making by spending $720 million per day on the war. This exhibit is very effective for public events. We have copies of this exhibit in 17 different states and hope to expand within the next couple of months.  If you would be interested in having the exhibit visit your community, please email Mary Zerkel at

Cost of War activist kit:


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