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Latin America / Caribbean

Summer camp in Guatemala

Campamento Divina Promesa, March 2013

AFSC's programs in the Latin America and Caribbean Region focus on issues of urban peace and community security.

The regional office in Guatemala provides monitoring and support to the programs. Our staff also collaborates with other AFSC programs on public information and educational activities in the United States.


Mexico City Policy with Students

Officer holding a small colorful ball while talking

A police officer shares her views with high school students in Mexico City.

In 2010 AFSC and Alianza Civica launched a yearlong project in three Mexico City neighborhoods that have experienced high levels of violence. By bringing to together police officers and community members, the program strengthens community bonds by addressing the negative perceptions of the police as well as the police’s perceptions of the young people living in the neighborhoods.


In Guatemala, AFSC works to improve security and peace in Guatemala City neighborhoods. Through partnerships with, schools, universities, Alianza Jóven, and other community-based organizations, we are building an urban peace network of young people who are reducing violence in their communities.

In eight of the city’s neighborhoods, youth have organized “Local Peace Networks,” which regularly meet to build understanding among neighbors and plan activities to promote nonviolence.

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