Comprehensive Immigration Reform

May Day flier (english)

Flier for May Day.  Please print one out and post it in a public place.

Faith Organizations Statements on the Senate Immigration Reform Bill

Many faith groups have issued statements on the proposed Senate Bill on Immigration Reform.  Here is a collection of some.

Immigration Reform Advocacy Toolkit

The Toolkit is a collection of documents and resources that we hope will help you speak up in support of comprehensive humane immigration reform.   It is crucial that your Congressional Representative and Senators hear from many people who support fair, just, humane reform.  These resources will help you craft your own message.  You might also simply want to send the New Path document and testimony AFSC has given with a note saying that you like what is said in those documents and hope that they will read them.  What is important is that you speak up! 

AFSC Iowa statement on immigration reform proposal

Contact: Sandra Sanchez, Office: 515-274-4851 xt.

New immigration bill includes support for families and workers, yet would continue key failures of current system

Quaker group: Fair path to citizenship must reflect more humane principles

Just and Humane Comprehensive Immigration Reform


No ICE raids in our city.  End the deportations.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is once again part of the national agenda.  Grounded in our Quaker beliefs respecting the dignity and worth of every person, and in the communities in which we work, AFSC supports measures that ensure the integration of immigrants as full members of our society and address the root causes that push people to migrate.  We believe that the bases of U.S.

Rally for Immigration Reform, "THE TIME IS NOW"

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 11:00am - 1:00pm

Rally and March for Immigration Reform with a Path to Citizenship, sponsored by AFSC-NH, NH AFL-CIO, Bridges, GSOP, Lutheran Social Services, NH Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees, NH Catholic Charities, NH CLU, SEIU Local 615, SEIU Local 1984, UCC Immigration Work Group.  

"Time is Now" Rally and March

English language flyer for April 6 rally in Nashua NH.

Folleto Reforma Migratoria

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy

Iowa Dreamers lobby State Sen. Matt McCoy in support of in-state tuition for immigrant youth at state universities.

Folleto Reforma Migratoria

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