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Join letter writing ladder in Colorado

Support the human rights of immigrants and advocate for just and humane immigration reform—join the Denver Letter Writing Ladder.

Coloradoans for Immigrants Rights (CFIR) is a project of the American Friends Service Committee. We’re ramping up our efforts to get published as local and national immigrant rights groups work with the Obama Administration to pass just and humane immigration reform.

Eat for Peace in Colorado

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Coloradans for Immigrants' Rights

A screencapture from the Coloradans for Immigrant Rights webpage.

Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, a project of AFSC Colorado, organizes allies in support of immigrant rights. Our core values include the beliefs that immigrants deserve to be treated with respect, immigrants enrich life within our communities and our culture and immigrants should have a voice in the discourse over decisions that affect them.

Coloradans For Immigrant Rights’ primary goal is to create a welcoming climate for all people by building broad support for immigrant justice.


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