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Ch. 22: AZ immigration law has Americans divided

Arizona's controversial immigration law is partially in effect, but key elements of it have been put on hold by a judge. Those against the law, including AFSC's Jeff Napolitano, warn of its consequences.

San Diego AFSC staff Goes to AZ to Monitor New Law

San Diego community members are calling for action to stop Arizona's new immigration law. Opponents are calling the law racist and even though a federal judge blocked some of the most controversial sections of it, they said the fight is not over.

Peacebuilding & the Security - Development Nexis

Paper presented at the EU-ISS seminar in New York on 26th April, 2010, “Peacebuilding and the Security-Development Nexus”, in Section 1 “Security, global governance and peacebuilding: What institutions and resources for sustainable peace?”

Cambodia's Road to Peace

Over the past two years, border tensions between Thailand and Cambodia have led to a number of military confrontations along the border, and a souring of political relations.  On both sides of the border, deeply engrained mutual distrust and historical grievances have fueled these tensions.  Thailand’s domestic political crisis and growing nationalism in Cambodia have both exacerbated the situation.

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