Arizona Private Prison Report

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FY2012 Executive Budget Summary

Governor Jan Brewer’s summary of her budget plan for FY 2012, which requests $68 million for new private prison beds and state-operated maximum security beds.

Auditor General Sunset Factors

A review of the performance of the Arizona Department of Corrections performed as part of the periodic “sunset review” process.

ADOC 2005 Study on Recidivism

The most recent Arizona Department of Corrections study of recidivism.

Turning the Corner

A report on the need and prospects of sentencing reform in Arizona by Judy Greene, national expert with Justice Strategies.  The report was commissioned and released by the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ).

State of Hawaii resources

Resources from the state of Hawaii concerning prisoners sent to private prisons in Arizona.

Compstats for California DOC

Compiled statistics for all of the CCA prisons in Arizona housing California prisoners.  Includes data on assaults, riots, and escapes.

State of California resources

Supporting materials for the Private Prisons: the Public's Problem by and about the State of California.

AFSC's PRR to Washington State's DOC

AFSC’s public records request to the Washington State Department of Corrections regarding private prisons in Arizona housing Washington State prisoners.

Washington State's DOC Response to PRR


Washington Department of Corrections’ response to AFSC’s public records request regarding private prisons housing Washington prisoners in Arizona.

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