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Dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline

With the red light of the police officer’s taser aimed at his chest, Brian* had no choice but to sit down and listen. This would be a Valentine’s Day he’ll never forget.

Never saying never to nonviolence

The week before Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Joshua Saleem, AFSC St. Louis Program Director, led discussions on using nonviolence as a strategy for social change. One discussion began by asking students at Shearwater Academy for their perception of nonviolence.

Blog: Putting peace to work in St. Louis

By Joshua Saleem, AFSC St. Louis Peace Education Program Director

When a 14-year-old walks into the classroom and immediately after seeing you says, “Not you again,” you can’t help but ask yourself the question, “Is this working?”

Blog: Growing empathy in St. Louis

By Mark Taylor

Joshua Saleem, peace education director with AFSC in St. Louis, came to our classroom to lead a discussion on empathy. This was kind of a new topic to our students. They are not normally asked to think about how others may feel in a certain situation. By the end of the hour, the discussion seemed to really sink in.

Engaging heads, hearts and hands in St. Louis

Joshua Saleem, AFSC Peacebuilding Director in St. Louis, talks about his work in schools to reduce violence and engage young people in building up their community.

Interview with Joshua Saleem June 2012

Joshua Saleem

AFSC staff Joshua Saleem.

AFSC's Joshua Saleem, center, visits with students involved with AFSC’s Peace Education Program in Los Angeles.

Joshua Saleem began work with AFSC this spring to create a peace education program in St. Louis modeled after similar AFSC work with youth in Los Angeles and elsewhere. In this interview with regional staffer Jon Krieg, Joshua shares what he’s learned, his vision for AFSC’s work in St. Louis, and why he’s involved.

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