AFSC Board Clerk's trip to Africa

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A visit to the Burundi work

The final stop on Arlene Kelly’s trip to Africa was a day and a half with the Burundi team of the AFSC. In a few short hours a whirlwind of meetings took place with Burundian civil society partners of AFSC-Burundi, with a couple UN offices, government ministries, international partners and Friends (Quaker) partner organizations in Burundi.

A reality beyond the reports: AFSC Board Clerk's trip to Africa

Arlene Kelly dressed up in Mozambique

Arlene Kelly, dressed in Mozambique friendship outfit shaking hands with Ana Chapo, chair of Board of new local organization OCODEMA in Manica, Mozambique. More photos from Africa trip.

For ten days Arlene Kelly, AFSC Board Clerk joined Africa Regional Director Dereje Wordofa on a trip to learn about AFSC programs in Kenya, Somalia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Burundi. They visited 4 countries in 10 days with 6 flights, 2 cross border car trips and countless memories, connections and conversations.

Relief Web: Handover of Mozambique program celebrated

On 18 September 2010 Arlene Kelly, AFSC Board clerk officially handed over the AFSC's Mozambique Integrated Rural Development Program (MIRDP) to OCODEMA (Manica Community Development Organisation) in a public function held in Manica town. The handover was attended by Dereje Wordofa, AFSC Africa Regional Director, community members, government officials, NGOs and local media. The event marked the culmination of a weeklong series of celebrations that took place in AFSC's partnering communities.

An official handover ceremony after more than 30 years of AFSC service in Mozambique

The handover in Manica was celebrated through song and dance, exhibitions by groups and AFSC recounting its history in Mozambique through photos and artwork displays ranging as far as 1986. AFSC issued certificates of appreciation to outstanding community leaders and community based organizations (CBOs). This was followed by speeches by Ana Chapo, OCODEMA board chairperson and Arlene Kelly, AFSC Board Clerk before the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Handover of Mozambique program celebrated

AFSC Board Clerk joins dignitaries at festive event in Manica town.

Witnessing the reality behind the reports - Visit to Africa

The AFSC-Africa program was excited to host Arlene Kelly, Clerk of the Board of AFSC for 10 days. Her visit included time with the AFSC staff and partners in five countries and community members in areas where AFSC works. 

AFSC-Mozambique turns over work to local organization

Saturday, September 18, 2010 - 10:00am

Annual General Assembly of OCODEMA

The General Assembly of OCODEMA has its annual meeting.

AFSC-Africa staff and AFSC Board Chair, Arlene Kelly will be present at the handover of the AFSC-Mozambique Development Program to a new local organization formed by the AFSC, OCODEMA (Manica Community Development Organization). Community leaders and members from the four main communities will join political, civil society and other leaders in the celebration of  more than 30 years of committed work by the AFSC in Mozambique and the future of this exciting, new local development organization.

AFSC Supports New Civil Society in Mozambique

OCODEMA logo launch

Mozambican community members at logo launch

Community members pose in front of logo for new community organization, OCODEMA.


Contact: Anna Crumley-Effinger

Office: 215-241-7150


After more than 30 years, AFSC leaves its work in good hands of OCODEMA 

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