Acting in Faith

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Occupy Together: The Prophet and the Castle

Note: George Lakey wrote this guest post days before Occupy Wall Street began. When I asked him for a submission, he offered this as it has something to say about the potential of the movement.  - Lucy

by George Lakey


George Lakey with grand daughter at Occupy Philly

George Lakey with his grand daughter at Occupy Philly

Occupy Together: We are All Moses

by Noah Baker Merrill

To prophesy is not to predict, but to seize upon reality in its moment of highest expectation and tension toward the new.
- Thomas Merton, Raids on the Unspeakable

Dear Friends,

"... We are All Moses."


There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly

There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly

There is no Way to Peace at Occupy Philly.

Occupy Together: the People’s Mic

"Let the tension between reality and possibility break [our] collective heart open to justice, truth, and love."    - Parker Palmer


Occupy Philly at City Hall

Occupy Philly at City Hall

Supporting Spirit-Led Witness

Regularly I will be posting a query to invite dialogue on a topic of interest to Friends. Please respond as you are led. You can sign up to see replies to the thread of comments on each topic.  Thanks so much for your participation.  In Peace, Lucy

How can Friends churches, Friends meetings (monthly, quarterly, and yearly), and our Quaker organizations nurture and support spirit-led witness?


Respect: An antidote to violence

I used to teach second grade at an inner city elementary school in Vallejo, California. I was teaching there when the riots occurred in Los Angeles in response to the initial verdict acquitting four police officers who had beaten Rodney King.  That morning, I interrupted the usual routine to invite the students to discuss what was happening.  Many of my students, who were mostly of African, Filipino, Mexican, and East Indian descent, told story after story of their own experiences of racism.


Participant of AFSC's Friend of a Friend Program

A Participant of AFSC's Friend of a Friend Program

A Participant of AFSC's Friend of a Friend Program

"The saddest thing…"

I was at the FGC offices in Philadelphia when the Twin Towers were hit.  We watched together as the first tower burned, believing that it was some kind of freak accident. When the second plane struck, I was incredulous for a while that this could have been intentional. I had a physical response – of astonishment, of sorrow, of grief.  We as staff gathered together in worship, then dispersed, clutching for our families, for sanctuary, for news.


windows and mirrors premiere

windows and mirrors, afghanistan

One, of many, extrodinary murals of the Windows and Mirrors mural exhibit.

Service begins at the rise of meeting

There’s an old Quaker joke: a first time visitor comes to meeting for worship and arrives just after the close of meeting.  The visitor asks, “So, when does the service begin?”

The meeting member replies, “Now.”


Pal youth

Popular Achievment Coaches training at AFSC Gaza office.

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