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Seeds of an occupation: An audio documentary

Learn more about AFSC's growing involvement in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Hear the voices of activists, students, and Quakers as they work together to hold large corporations accountable for the violation of human rights and listen to the power of nonviolence to bring change to both hearts and minds.  

Acting in Faith podcast: Calling forth the goodness, Episode 2

"Calling forth the goodness" is a podcast series that features the voices and communities that work together to create change.

This episode, "Seeds of an Occupation," tells the story of how the AFSC is partnering with students, interfaith coalitions, and community groups to end the Israeli occupation in Palestine through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Listen and hear the voices of community members all around the country working together for change.

Love your enemies: Learning to trust in the face of violence

In 1968, I was a high school student in Evanston, Ill., firm in my loyalty to the Chicago White Sox and firm in my belief that my country was on the right side in Viet Nam.

One day I walked into the public library. In the new books display I found a book with a dramatically designed cover dominated by one jagged word: "WAR." The subtitle also grabbed my attention: "The Anthropology of Armed Conflict and Aggression."


Johan and Judy Maurer

Johan and Judy Maurer

Johan and Judy Maurer

Undocumented and unafraid: 67 Sueños (Dreams)

“There is no greater agony than carrying an untold story inside of you.” – Maya Angelou

I spent a day with Pablo Paredes and a few of the courageous immigrant youth with whom he works when I was in San Francisco in December. Pablo is AFSC program director for 67 Sueños, a youth-led program that works to make visible the stories and dreams of undocumented youth who are often left out of the immigration debate.


67 Sueños Mural Detail

67 Sueños Mural Detail

67 Sueños Mural Detail

The journey home: a prayer for healing

On the occasion of the seating of the Maine-Wabanaki Truth and Reconciliation Commission

by Lucy Duncan


“People can be transformed by being open and human. We believe that people have a need to be heard, but how they are heard really matters – if they take the risk of telling their story, it needs to make a difference.” – Denise Altvater the story


Moon over Maine

Moon over Maine

Telling the story of us: Reflections on Quaker Voluntary Service

We all have a story of self. What’s utterly unique about each of us is not the categories we belong to; what’s utterly unique to us is our own journey of learning to be a full human being, a faithful person. And those journeys are never easy. They have their challenges, their obstacles, their crises. We learn to overcome them, and because of that we have lessons to teach. In a sense, all of us walk around with a text from which to teach, the text of our own lives.

-Marshall Gantz, Why Stories Matter


QVS Group Photo

Quaker Voluntary Service volunteers and director, Christina Repoley, after a day of reflection and story-telling.

A tour of AFSC's website for Friends

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open

If you’d like to learn how AFSC’s website can help you learn more about the organization, watch this webinar with Web Director Ralph Medley and Friends Liaison Lucy Duncan.

The webinar shows you ways to:

  • Learn more about AFSC’s work
  • Find out what program work is being done in your region of the U.S.
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to the various e-newsletters AFSC produces
  • Access content produced particularly for a Quaker audience
  • Find resources for Quaker congregations


Lessons of spiritual strength: The legacy of Quaker work camps

When I was 14, my mother took me to a weekend-long Quaker work camp in West Philadelphia, one of the last before the program was closed in 2005. I painted a hallway blue, prepared simple meals, and slept in a sleeping bag. By Sunday afternoon, I knew that I had been transformed.


Korea Workcamp

Volunteers at an AFSC Work Camp in Korea.

1940 Work Camp Brochure

Brochure of American Friends Service Committee Work Camp from 1940.

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