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This election season, AFSC will join conversations in the growing congressional and presidential campaigns, with a message of getting money out of politics. Using the tactics of bird dogging and peaceful demonstrations, AFSC staff and volunteers will insist that our politicians address the issue of corporate money and politics, and help provide alternatives.  Arnie Alpert, Co-Director of AFSC's New Hampshire program, presented on the "Governing under the Influence" campaign, and how Quakers can get involved.  

We summarize last week’s activities; announce upcoming events for next week; and comment on a new report documenting multinational corporations dodging billions in U.S. taxes, the death of Eric Harris by a man who contributed to the Tulsa police department for the chance to play cop, the postal pilot who flew on the Capital lawn for campaign finance reform, why GE corporation is leaving the profitable banking business, and a call to stop the just-introduced Fast Track TPP bill.

Eric Miranda tells his young daughter two things every morning when he drops her off at school: “Be a leader, and do the right thing.” If he forgets, she reminds him. No wonder she’s on the dean’s list and praised for her leadership skills.

Special thanks to Mike Murphy and KKFI radio in Kansas City for this recording.

AFSC Kansas City's "If I Could Change the World" Spoken Word Project held its 2015 kick-off performance on April 11 at The Writer's Place in Kansas City. Check out this recording of the Grandview Bulldogs to hear how young people envision a different world.

In this nine-minute interview, Middle East Peace Fellow Nawal Musleh talks about her work with AFSC.

We summarize last week’s activities; announce upcoming events for next week; and comment on where we spend our federal tax dollars; the decline and impact of labor force participation; adjunct professors, wages and rising public university debt; and the strange advocacy by the Secretary of Defense of the Trans Pacific Partnership in claiming its passage is as important as an aircraft carrier.

Presenter: Lois Romanoff, followed by questions and comments
Tuesday, March 31 / 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We summarize last week’s activities; announce upcoming events for next week; and comment on the leaked section of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty designed to overrule national laws and courts; the contents of and vote on the Congressional Progressive Caucus' "People's Budget," the threat by US mega banks to halt political donations in protest of calls by some Democrats to break up the banks; the government proposal in Iceland to abolish the power of corporate banks to create money out of thin air; Governor Kasich's veto of a law that would have prohibited Ohio students f

Move to Amend Ohio Network 3rd Annual Statewide Gathering
Saturday, March 28, 2015
First Unitarian Universalist Church, Columbus, Ohio

Hear more about faith-based efforts around the country to support the movement of immigrants for human rights and justice.  Jennifer Piper, AFSC staff in Denver, and Lori Khamala, immigrant rights staff in Greensoboro, speak about working for immigrant justice, this moment in the movement, the unique gifts of faith-based organizing on this issue, and some of the challenges.

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