Recorded Tuesday October 26, 2010, this forum look at the principles of restorative justice practice and heard from people in Philadelphia who are engaged in, and have lived through, the process.

When looking at the violence of war -- or communities in the United States -- there is a school of thought that says the government needs to remove the ‘bad’ guys to impose order.  In U.S. cities it has been through incarceration, in international relations, through war and death. These policies promote a belief that places sole moral blame on the perpetrators and the commuunities from which they come.  By understanding root causes, identifying and taking steps to repair harm, and involving all parties, communities affected by violence are pioneering new ways to promote healing. These healing practices – sometimes known as restorative justice -  have helped to  reduce or eliminate subsequent violence in numerous communities. Such practices seek to transform the relationship between communities, their governments and responses to violence.

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