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Stop Right-to-Work FOR LESS

Stop Right-to-Work FOR LESS

HB 474, relative to freedom of choice on whether to join a labor union, was approved in both House and Senate by wide margins, and was vetoed by Gov. Lynch.  This proposal is commonly named “Right To Work” and more accurately called “Right to Work for Less.”  It represents an attack on organized labor and does nothing to provide jobs. 

Speaker O'Brien said the House wouldvote May 25 on whether to over-ride the veto, but he pulled it from the agenda when he realized he did not have the votes.  Following that date, supporters and opponents of HB 474 continued to lobby and each time the House was in session counted the likely votes of those present.   Having never succeeded in getting enough legislators on his side, Speaker O'Brien let the regular legislative sesson come to an end without an over-ride vote.   

The issue finally came to a vote November 30.   Of the House members present, 240 voted to over-ride the veto, and 139 voted to sustain the veto.  Because the vote was short of the two-thirds majority needed for the over-ride to succeed, the measure failed.  "Right to Work" is dead for the year.  However, Speaker O'Brien immediately said he would resurrect the proposal in 2012.

Click here to find out how your Representatives voted.  Please consider contacting those who voted "no" to thank them for siding with human rights and economic justice.   

To read the NH AFL-CIO's fact sheet on HB 474, click here.  For a briefing paper on the economic impact of HB 474, click here.