We are thrilled to report that the NH House voted to uphold Marriage Equality in a series of votes on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.   

We send our heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the NH Freedom to Marry Coalition. PFLAG, Standing Up For NH Families and so many others for this enormous win!  This victory is testimony to decades of work from the organized GLBT community through groups such as the Citizens Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Rights and the NH Coalition to End Discrimination.  And of course it is built on the examples of all the lesbian and gay individuals and couples whose own experience and stories have transformed public understanding of love, commitment, and fundamental human rights.   Political partisans are talking about how the issue of marriage equality will play out in the fall elections.  While vigilance is important, and no political victory is ever fully secure, we think New Hampshire has rounded a corner and is not going to turn back.   Hurray! 

Whether the issue will return to the legislature in 2013 is now an open question.

Click Here for the statement of the AFSC Board in support of equal marriage.