Please respond to this short survey on our program work (link below).

Holidays are a time of sharing and remembering what is most important. Here at the Northeast Ohio AFSC office, we're doing the same. Did we do enough? Did we focus on the right issues with the right constituencies? Did our work create real change? The only way for us to know is to hear from you. After all, you are the reason we  do the work that we do. If you feel our work is important, please take a moment and let us know your opinions and suggestions. Your input is vital to the issues and strategies we take on in the coming years. Please take a moment and click on the survey link below. It takes just a few minutes. Deadline is Monday, December 9th. If you have already participated, we thank you.

Thanks for your time and your continued support throughout the years. We would not be able to continue our work without you!


My name is Melissa McCollister, faculty member at The University of Akron, School of Social Work. I am conducting a program evaluation on behalf of the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee. You have been selected to participate in this anonymous online program evaluation survey.

The significance and usefulness of this study will help the local, regional and national office to determine 1) the needs of the constituency base, 2) the effectiveness of the Economic and Political Justice program and 3) to integrate any suggested ideas you may have in improving the program.

Your participation in this program evaluation study is completely voluntary and anonymous, no identifiable information will be linked to your responses. If you decide to participate in this study, once you have started the online survey you may stop at any time. To begin, please download and read the attached "Informed Consent" document available here: . When you are finished reading, click the survey monkey link at the very bottom of this email. If you have further questions regarding this study please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your consideration regarding this exciting opportunity to provide insight to the NE Ohio AFSC. Your individual contribution to this study is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

To participate in this study, click the link below after reading the informed consent attached to this email:



Melissa K. McCollister, MSW, PhD candidate
Child Welfare University Partnership Program Campus Coordinator
The University of Akron, School of Social Work
410 Polsky Building
Akron, OH 44325-8001