By Avis Wanda McClinton
Published: October 1, 2014

Note: On September 28th Upper Dublin Friends Meeting of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting celebrated the unveiling of a Pennsylvania Historic marker which honored the lives of Thomas and Hannah Atkinson, members of the meeting who offered safe haven on the underground railroad. Avis McClinton, a member of the meeting, was instrumental in having a marker placed which recognized and remembered the formerly enslaved African Americans who lost their lives while seeking freedom and were buried in the cemetery in unmarked graves next to the meeting house. She also worked hard with...

By Dalit Baum
Published: September 25, 2014

Note: Dalit Baum, AFSC’s Director of Economic Activism and an Israeli Jew, was one of the founders of Who Profits, an organization that researches companies that profit from the occupation of Palestinian territory. In this post she writes about the passbook system in South Africa and the ID system in Israel, both established to control, segregate, and limit movement. Boycotts and divestment are one way to take a moral stand against and resist the practices of companies benefitting from the oppression of a...

By Clark Reddy
Published: September 18, 2014

Note: This is the first of a series of several posts written in response to Rufus Jone’s essay, “What will get us Ready?” which he wrote in 1944 and wondered about Quakers role in facing the crises and tumult of the day and whether Quakers were ready to step into the breach. Here Clark Reddy responds to the question considering our current crises and quandaries.

All images are of the James Turrell Skyspace at Chestnut Hill Meeting, the photo to the left...

By Mati Gomis-Perez
Published: September 11, 2014

Note: Mati Gomis-Perez is AFSC's Country Representative for Israel and Palestine. Last week she went into Gaza after Operation Protective Edge and speaks about the impacts of the bombardment and occupation, and what's next. This is the most recent is a series of posts on Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory by AFSC staff. You can read all of them here. - Lucy

Going into Gaza through the Erez crossing on the morning after the signing...

By Laura Magnani
Published: September 4, 2014

Note: This year Laura Magnani gave the final plenary address at the FGC Gathering. She focused her remarks on her long years working within and outside the criminal justice system, grappling with a system which she believes embodies and carries out evil.  In her talk she spoke about the power of nonviolence and love to upend both the racism out of which mass incarceration has arisen and the system itself and to find a way to a “new normal” based on transformative justice.

During the week of the FGC Gathering, before Laura’s talk, Friends kept having table...